Art in the Time of Covid

We are thrilled to be welcoming visitors into our building again, at the discretion of individual artists.

Many of our artists are in high-risk groups for serious complications from Covid.

Masks Required
  • Plan to wear a mask to enter and remain in our building, unless otherwise instructed by the artist hosting your visit.  A well fitting n95 or kn95 mask is still your best tool to prevent catching or transmitting Covid-19.
  • Mask must cover your mouth and nose for them to be effective.
  • Colorful and patterned kn95 masks or fabric covers over your fitted mask allow you to fight disease and accessorize at the same time!
  • Please check with artists about their comfort level in shaking hands, hugging, or unmasking, before reaching out for contact, or removing your mask. Please gracefully accept their requests as we each face this challenge in the ways that are most appropriate to our own circumstances.

Thank you for understanding the enhanced risk that we take, and respect our need to mitigating our this risk as best we can in order to open our building to guests this year. We hope to see you soon!

The Mad Oyster features a solar roof and a green roof garden.
We are proud to be part of an increasingly ecologically conscious city.