Susan Livada


artie and olive
30″ x 30″
oil on canvas

The themes of my impressionistic oil paintings reflect what is most important in my life: family, nurture, and home. These themes are expressed thru subjects of fruit, farms, tablescapes, lighthouses, animals, and, most recently, children at play, and weddings.

Color, brushmarks, looseness, and composition are all important factors in my work. I love to see the subtle variations of color that are in real life, and then exaggerate and be playful with them. I strive for a “painterly” result, allowing the viewer to almost see the process: the brush strokes, the juiciness of the paint, and sometimes the canvas (after all, I’m creating a painting, not a photograph!)

I love to paint on a canvas that is already full of color. First I create an underpainting, layering colors almost randomly. Often these colors inspire me in unexpected ways, allowing me to be more playful and loose. If you look closely you can see bits of the underpainting showing through a finished piece.

Since 1995 I have had many one-woman shows in various New England venues. I work from my studio in Somerville, MA. Many of my pieces are commissions done from a client’s photograph of a child or a wedding or a special moment.

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