Parrish Dobson


Parrish Dobson: Penobscot Bay #1

Penobscot Bay #1
15″ x 15″
color print

Landscape photography, as I practice it, is about what is before us and yet still fantastically beyond our comprehension. I approach subjects with utmost respect, not imposing upon the landscape but rather using the camera as a means of opening the heart and eyes to peer further into the continuing marvel of light. I have additional series of black and white landscapes entitled “Places of Memory” made in France and Italy over the past ten years, and a series entitled “Inside Time”, color interiors, again mostly made in Europe. Like the black and whites, these images are about evocation, places to begin contemplation. Who came here before us? What lives did they live? What meanings did they find in the paths they made or the objects they left behind? My newest work is a series of familiar objects and tools used in homes over the last seventy years. Photographed as if sacred, these objects have both strong design and the patina of use that, I hope, moves them to a new level of beauty and meaning.

Parrish Dobson has been working as a fine art landscape photographer for over 25 years. Her work has been in exhibits throughout New England and is in many private collections.

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